Pre-Inspection Stress in the Upstate? What to Fix, What to Ignore, and How to Save

If you're selling your home, that pre-inspection report can feel like a rollercoaster ride. Should you fix every little thing?  Or are some issues just not worth stressing over? As your local Upstate realtor, I'm here to help you make smart decisions for a smooth sale.

The Big Question: Fix or Forget?

Here's the thing: no house is perfect. The goal of the pre-inspection isn't to make your home flawless, but to identify major issues that could scare off buyers or need negotiation. We want to focus on:

  • Safety Hazards: Electrical problems, leaky roofs, mold – these need attention!
  • Structural Issues: Think foundation cracks, major water damage, those are deal-breakers.
  • Costly Surprises: A malfunctioning AC unit might warrant a repair or seller concession.


What Can You Leave Alone?

  • Cosmetic stuff: Peeling paint or outdated fixtures are eye-catchers, but often buyer preference.
  • Minor Wear & Tear: Small dings or worn carpet are expected with age.
  • Nitpicky Items: Buyers know used homes have quirks! A stuck window might not be a crisis.


Sometimes a proactive fix is worth its weight in gold. Other times, offering a price adjustment or repair credit can be simpler. I'll help you assess your report and the Upstate market to find the strategy that maximizes your sale.

Remember, you're not in this alone! Lean on my expertise to navigate the inspection process strategically. Let's tackle this together and get your Upstate home sold!

Stressed about an upcoming inspection? Contact me for a free consultation and let's make sense of that report.

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